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Why hire a Personal Loan Online with Vedaso?

Why hire a Personal Loan Online with Vedaso?

Needing money? Count on Vedaso. This Nerd Muchkin partner offers Fast and Easy Online Personal Loan, straight from your computer screen or cell phone.

The company offers interest rates according to what you can pay, with loans from two thousand reais up to the limit of 50 thousand reais! With a Personal Credit, you can:

Make purchases with better conditions

Interested in buying something but interest rates are too high? With Vedaso, you can make that purchase with more attractive or discounted interest rates while paying for the view, while saving on your dream.

Renegotiate your debts

It can happen to anyone: an unforeseen one makes you borrow a loan at the bank, blow up your credit card or get on the special check. With Vedaso, you can refinance your debts at lower interest rates, rebalancing your financial health immediately.

Realize a dream

Want to take a degree, but is it cheaper to look at? Is that trip of your dreams cheaper if you buy out of the package? Are you moving to live with the love of your life or getting married? A loan may be the best option to save on such cases.

Is Online Loan Safe?

Is Online Loan Safe?

Yes. Both Nerd Muchkin and Vedaso appreciate the security of their data, using best practices on the market to ensure their safety at all times.

The Vedaso service team is trained by the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) to act as bank correspondents, thus ensuring that all procedures adopted are standardized in accordance with current standards.

How does the Vedaso Loan work?

How does the Vedaso Loan work?

Hiring your loan with Vedaso is fast and easy, in addition to being 100% online. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter the amount and term you want, as well as the purpose of the loan;
  2. Complete the form with your data for the credit assessment;
  3. See Vedaso’s proposal for you, knowing how much and how you will pay;
  4. Sign the agreement online and wait while the partners evaluate your proposal;
  5. Track the progress of your order online. Within 10 days, partners will respond whether or not they accept your proposal. If so, within that period the money will be in your account.
  6. Track your monthly payment of your debt through a custom control panel.