Not only in times of financial crisis did one or the other companies struggle with a weak order situation. But even in times of “economic recovery”, companies do not always find it easy to attract customers or permanently turn existing customers into regular customers. With the consequence that savings must be made. These are usually at the expense of the employees. The fact is that personnel costs, especially with regard to employees subject to social security contributions, can sometimes take on considerable dimensions.

If personnel costs are no longer related to revenue, there is a need for action from the point of view of success-oriented and cost-conscious entrepreneurs. However, before it comes to the extreme – namely the dismissal of the workforce or a part of it – short-time work can be an adequate solution. However, workers who work less because of a weak order book consequently receive less money – and this is certainly a major disadvantage.

More free time, less money – an aspect that can become a real problem for many workers as well as their families. Imagine how a lower income can have an impact on all those employees who have to serve loans or who have just bought a home and consequently incur a considerable cost…

If the case is that “there is still too much money left over at the end of the money”, those affected by short-time work are often forced to touch their own financial reserves. But what if there is no other financial means available, literally “living from hand to mouth”? If it is necessary to make important purchases in times of such a financial shortage, for example the purchase of a used car, said credit installments and so on, often only one thing can help: debt capital.

A loan during short-time work can be the solution

A loan during short-time work can be the solution

In this regard, it should be remembered that each credit institution is primarily interested in getting back the loaned capital within a certain agreed deadline. In this way, securities are requested or it must at least be proven that the borrower has a secured, fixed income in the appropriate amount. Last but not least, it is important that the prospect has a good credit rating. Especially in this regard, but many consumers is facing a problem. After all, a lower income usually leads, sooner or later, to the creditworthiness – for whatever reason – leaves much to be desired.

These and other aspects thus, in the worst case, make it difficult to obtain credit at the house bank around the corner during short-time work. Experience shows that the supply portfolio is sometimes limited with regard to a loan during short-time work. And also the clerks are often – as the saying goes – “hands bound”. In such a situation, however, it may be helpful to seek a loan while working short hours on the world wide web.

Anyone who works well thought out will in the end save money

Anyone who works well thought out will in the end save money

Compared to the loan offers of a branch bank, the possibilities of online banks are often much more attractive. It should be noted, however, that the interest, repayment costs and so on for a loan during short-time work can be quite higher than a normal installment loan. It is worthwhile for this reason, in any case, in the search for a suitable loan during short-time work not immediately put on the first loan offer. Surely this is close, because the “financial shoe” yes so expresses that as soon as possible a solution hermuss. But in the long run, it does not hurt if you spend a little more time looking for the loan during short-time working and deliberately weighing your individual options.

Do not act hastily…

Do not act hastily...

Who can count on, is clearly in the advantage. Thus, it should be noted that many credit providers often “pay dearly” when dealing with a prospective loan seeking a loan during short-time work. For the urgency as well as the sometimes worse credit rating is a real disadvantage for the prospect. For the lender, however, the lower credit rating is also a risk – and who likes to take risks? In this respect, it is obvious that said risk from the perspective of the borrower in spe comes with an additional cost. It is therefore worthwhile to take a look at the variety of offers and decide only after a thorough examination which is the right loan.