Flexible retirement account

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Often the question arises , short term = low interest rates or long term = higher interest rates. Often the shorter term is chosen to be able to dispose of the money in the short or medium term.

The Flexible Pension Account does not put you ahead of this decision. The longer you spend your money, the higher your interest income.

In the 4th year, 8th year and 12th year you will then each with the Loyalty Bonus 2 rewards.

The following overview shows that you can get attractive returns even with high flexibility . The average yield after 4 years is already 0.68% 2 . If you stay for 12 years, your average return will increase to 1.35% pa 2 . You also have all the options of a tax-deductible retirement plan.

You can decide for yourself how long you want to use the Flexible Pension Account and you can withdraw money every month – up to 25% of the total amount paid each year. If you need the full balance, you can also terminate the contract annually. You manage your contract easily and transparently via the online customer portal my CosmosDirekt.

  Time deposit 3 Call money 3 Flexible retirement account
Interest at 12 months 0.20% 0.14% 0.15% 1
Interest at 24 months 0.31% 0.14% 0.20% 1
Interest at 60 months 0.59% 0.14% 0.80% 2
loyalty Bonus No No yes, after 4, 8 and 12 years 2
early withdrawal No Yes yes, up to 25% of the paid contributions annually
Early termination No Yes Yes
additional payment No Yes Yes
Term extension No Yes Yes
tax benefit No No Yes
retirement option No No Yes
guaranteed interest yes, entire term usually no, up to 6 months possible yes, the first 3 years
minimum deposit 2,500 € 1,000 € 1,000 €
deposit guarantee depending on the provider depending on the provider yes, legally about protector
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New identification requirement

Legislators demand identification of our customers for this product – as you know, for example, from opening an account at your bank. Usually, you can do this via the PostIdent procedure. In order to simplify your identification, we also offer the convenient VideoIdent procedure for PC, smartphone or tablet following the application.